maccell MP7

MP-7 is designed with Xaar printhead engine that can print 200 dpi. The printhead has either 126 or 500 nozzle, and it can print lot number or bar code in incredibly fast speed. It also runs Window based operating system that provides many functions and easy-to-use interface. With high resolution 10.4" color touch panel LCD and high durability, this system suits for any environment.
10.4" Touch panel Display
MP7 enables user to experience user friendly easy operation through 10.4" TFT touch panel display. Users can operate the system without a manual and it is designed with intuitive touch functions.
Large Ink Reservoir
For continuous operation with minimum interruption, MP7 is built with a large ink reservoir. The large ink reservoir has a printhead purge button for convenient system maintenance. The system can be run without changing cartridge or temporary stop for a long time.
Main board with new features
MP7 is designed and developed with state of the art technology. It is operated by Window CE that helps the system for easy upgrade and maintenance.