Citronix Ink Range

Citronix offers a wide range of MEK, Acetone and Ethanol based inks, make up and cleaning solvents specially developed for use with the Citronix ciSeries range of printers. Citronix inks offer excellent adhesion characteristics on a variety of different substrates with immediate or quick dry inks to suit most applications. In addition to general purpose black MEK ink, Citronix offers specialist inks such as:

  • Plastic, PlasticPlus and SuperPlasticPlus
  • Heavy Pigment White
  • Acetone Black
  • Red, Blue and Green colored inks
  • Yellow Pigment
  • Food Grade Red inks approved by the FDA
  • UV Readable inks
  • Alcohol Resistant Ink
  • Black to Red Thermal sensitive ink

Citronix inks and make up are supplied in 16oz bottles and should only be used with Citronix printers to ensure reliability and performance.